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Aaron Recksiek

HSU President, Watchmaker, Uhrmacher, Horologist, Isochronist, LWT Alumni. Salty on most days.


The Salty Horologist is a premier watch repair service based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our team of skilled horologists are dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs, maintenance and custom-made pieces for all types of watches and clocks. We take pride in our precision and attention to detail, ensuring that your timepiece is in good hands. Additionally, we host a weekly podcast called 'The Salty Horologist Podcast', where we share our knowledge and insights about the world of horology. Our unique and unconventional approach to discussing watches is sure to engage and inform watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. Tune in every week to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the horology world.

Josh Alfaro

HSU Creative Director, Watchmaker, Collector, Franken-watch Forgiver, Defender of Brands and Orphans.


Ken Keeran

All around, nice guy.

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